How To Improve Calculation Speed?

How To Improve Calculation Speed?

In this article we are going to talk about the How to improve calculation speed?  Calculation is a form of art, some are born with good calculation skills and some acquire it with consistent practice and persistence. With the help of good calculation skills you can achieve accuracy and precision in the exam, therefore those student who are aiming to achieve good marks in exams must put efforts in improving their calculation speed. This is a skill which will not only help you in exams but this will also help you in day to day life. Mathematical calculations are part of our day to day life so it is really beneficial if we are able to tackle a mathematical problem without depending on a calculator.

Whether you are giving exam or calculating the market bill, doing calculations always a beneficial way to expand your memory and keep your mind sharp. But the most important part of calculation is that it should not take enough time to calculate whether you are giving an exam where you have fixed time to do calculations of your all questions or you are in market to check the bill before paying the amount, these all activity needs speedy calculations. So, it’s really important for one to do cautions in speed and accurately. For improving your calculation speed here we are with few easy and simple ways, after applying these simple techniques in your life you are also able to do fast calculation with accuracy.

10 Best way to increase your calculation speed

To improve your calculation speed and accuracy here are the 10 best ways:

1. Start practicing your maths from beginning

If you are a new practitioner and want to improve your calculation speed then the best way to improve it is that you always start with beginning. Start with those calculations which are easy to do and slowly proceed to the next and tough level. Start with those calculation which you find simple and easy, like doing multiplication, addition, subtraction or whatever you find easy. This will help you slowly-slowly to improve your calculation speed.

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2. Do speedy addition and subtraction test

Do speedy addition and subtraction test

The more you work with the numbers, the more they help you to know that how they work together. Start with simple additions and subtractions, and make your base clear and solid. Then carry on with more tough addition and subtraction problems and improve your skills.  You can also do online speed test and try to do it as fast as you can. The online speed test have a fixed time, set up a timer for solving the problems and try to do them in limited time. Also focus on that how fast you can get the right answer out.

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3. Memorize multiplication tables

Memorize multiplication tables

Usually when you was in school you use to learn multiplication tables but as soon as you grown up you forgot the tables. Start learning these multiplication tables again at least till 15. Doing multiplication by using your memory power without pen and paper will speed up your calculation significantly. Rather than finding out multiplication tables online just create it by your own, it will help to sharper your memory. For practicing the tables, write them at least 5 time daily and keep working on the table until you can do the random multiplication with the help of your mind, for ex:- if somebody ask you 19*9, then you can answer it immediately without wasting a second. For practicing the skills of your multiplication you can also do online multiplication test as similar to online addition subtraction test, which will help you to revise and practice the tables.

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4. Simplify the calculations

 Simplify the calculations

I think you study about this in your school too, simplification. Simplification of the calculation make the calculation easy and you can do it in less time too. For example if you want to multiply 175 * 25, instead of multiplying it directly, you can break this question into two component parts, first multiply 125 * 20 and then 125 * 5 and after getting result of both the multiplication, add both of them. Similarly like this example you can also try simplification with other questions. Whenever you find a tough calculation, always try to find a way by which you can simplify the calculation and also make sure to memorize the multiplication tables too. Always try to make harder calculation simple and try to do them in less time.

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5. Do small calculations daily

Do small calculations daily

Practice is the most important part in calculation. The more you practice, the better result you get. Practicing the calculations daily is the best way to increase your calculating speed and to keep your mind sharp. Try to do different type of calculations every day, like word problems, percentage problems, long division, decimal calculation, etc. Also give time to do those calculation too, which you find tough and hard for yourself. Daily practicing of calculations will increase your speed. And never forgot to practice multiplications table daily because these tables help you in multiplication and as well as in division too.

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6. Make a fixed schedule

Make a fixed schedule

Scheduling play a major role in practicing. Schedule your day for practicing the mathematical calculation. Make sure while making schedule that you do at least half hour of calculation daily. Its sound little less time but still start with it and increase the time steadily. Don’t settle on half hour, keep increasing your practicing time and always check your daily speed of calculation. Set targets for yourself to accomplish it and your target should be become tougher than earlier so that you can come out from your comfort zone and increase your capabilities. Taking an example, like if you solve thirty problems in one hour today then it should be thirty five problems tomorrow.

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7. Play with numbers

Play with numbers

Here playing with numbers means that you can make your mathematical calculation a fun task. Just include your mathematics calculation in your day to day life and make it interesting, for an example, like calculating your grocery bills, calculating the average of Sachin Tendulkar ODI score, calculating the diameter of your mother’s chapatti or many more daily calculations. Try to do your calculation in a fun and entertaining way and find different ways by which you can calculate them in more interesting manner. Doing calculation in this way will entertain you, you will also not get bored with the calculations and it will also increase your calculating speed.

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8. Challenge yourself

Challenge yourself

Challenging yourself is the best way to take out yourself from comfort zone. Everyday challenge yourself to do better than yesterday. Start with simple calculations and try to improve yourself day-to-day and move towards more tough and hard calculation. So always challenge yourself to do tougher calculation and increase your level day by day. Always remember that it is not important that how you start your journey, but it is important that how you going to end it, so never stop, do daily practice and increase your level.

Also it is really important that after practicing for a while you should also try to calculate the problems in mind without using pen and paper, in starting you must find it difficult, but it’s really not, practicing it daily will help you. It will improve your mind and speed up your calculations and this technique also save your lot of time and help you in different manner.

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9. Try to do it in limited time

Try to do it in limited time

You can only know about development and achievement, that how much you improve yourself, if you do your task in limited time. As we all are aware that aptitude exams for maths are also have limited time to solve all the problems, and if you are not got at timing then this will cause problem for you. The speed plays an important part in completing the exam, if you want to score high and want that you attempt all the questions in the given time, then the best way is to speed up your calculation speed.

During exams, to do easy question make sure that you attempt easy questions first then come to those question which you think would take more time. Leave tough questions for later and do not do mistakes while calculating as it will take more time and be focused. And always pre planned the timings for attempting the questions, lesser time for simple questions and more time for harder questions.

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10. Use your head instead of pen

Use your head instead of pen

Practicing problems on pen and paper is not enough, if you want to increase the calculation speed then try to do calculations in your head. In beginning for checking your calculation you can do it on paper and also check it on calculator too. After practicing it for a long time, your head calculations will become accurate too, then you don’t need to cross check them using pen or calculator. Using fingers for calculation is also a good idea, with the help of fingers you can do calculation accurately with speed.

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So, above we discuss 10 simple way by which you can increase your calculation speed and can conquer any maths calculation problem. You just need to do hard practice and do these calculation daily with fixed timing. Practicing daily will improve your skills. Apply these techniques and improve your skills.

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