Advantages and Disadvantages Of Reading Articles Online

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Reading Articles Online

In this article we are going to talk about the Advantages and disadvantages of reading articles online. Getting bored? Or thinking to read something? Lazy enough to turn the pages of a novel or just not wanting to go outside to buy them? Anyways, we all spend our time reading online and for many it’s more than a hobby and also a habit for some. Reading the articles online is yet another trend and a part of many people’s business.

There are thousands of blogs available and you just need to type a single topic and you can get a sea of results and you can choose for yourself. In fact readers give opportunity to writers to grow and earn a lot. There are many who also earn by giving their reviews, but this is not our concern. We are here to see how reading articles online is an advantage and the other side as well. If you have been looking for pros and cons of reading articles online then you have landed over a right place.

Advantages of reading articles online

We will first look into the points that would make us push more towards reading articles online, there are a lot of points that can be considered. We all know that online reading is no less than a trend and the reason behind many to write. Reading makes us grow a lot and also helps us to explore a lot and now let’s look into the most countable advantages of this:


There would be many readers out here who are reading this; it’s no doubt a very addicting habit of reading. We see people finishing a thousand pages novel in less than a week. And online article reading gives us the opportunity to read as much as we want to. In fact articles online give us a lot of wide variety to jump into. You can find articles on every topic online, the very same reason you came here to know the advantages and disadvantages. You can always try varieties online that would help you increase your interest and knowledge as well, because when we increase the topic of reading the more it helps us to enhance our thinking and knowledge.

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2. You Can Always Get Updates

Suppose you are more into some topic, you are very fond of reading in the same variety then articles online also gives us the opportunity to get updated details and write ups online. You can also see the enhancement and growth of that topic with time because if we look into some common topic over a long time we are able to see the way it has grown. For example suppose you are more into women empowerment topic and you have been reading into years then trust me you are very easily relating to what I’m saying, in fact you can see how reality has been going into directions when we come across any topic. You can always update yourself regarding that one point. You can stay along how the world has been reacting and thinking about it.

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3. You Always Have Gems

You Always  Have Gems

There are some very renowned writer over web and they have such a great following list that their readers are always wanting to write something in the very field they are specialised into. In fact if you have some favourite write over internet then surely you might be a regular refresh button for their topics.

Also there are many people around who can’t really afford to get their work published over papers and in today’s era we all know if you are getting your piece printed over a paper then for sure you are going to have very less follower (although many ace, but only if you have been there in for decades). Online reading is easy in all the ways.

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 4. Go Digital

Online reading also saves a lot of paper being used; these days if it’s some event going in your college or something very specific, people tend to gain knowledge about it faster online than putting posters over notice board. The Online circulations always go faster and easier. Going digital is a part of promoting evolution.

In the same go we are saving a lot of trees by not getting printed over paper and in this way we are also helping nature to grow a lot because trees being used for papers is a also a great reason behind depletion of trees and environment and we all know that a lot of paper is wasted in one or the other ways, not all of them are getting recycled. If we start going digital we are helping nature in one of the ways possible because going digital is a reason for something that makes it an important topic.

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5. Just A Matter Of A Click

Just A Matter Of A Click

Reading online article is not the only point rather reading anything online is also the concern, if you have been thinking to stay home and not wanting to go to stores and search a book then you can always find those famous writers book online and can read at any time. Even the cost that you pay for online book is much lesser than of buying the book. You will always be able to read on the go, nowadays you don’t have to carry books every time everywhere you just have to carry your Smartphone for that and can ready anywhere. Accessibility and flexibility of online reading makes it an important advantage.  You can always adjust your font size and screen according to yourself and make yourself comfortable reader.

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We have listed five advantages of reading articles online and you can relate easily if you are already a reader.

5 Disadvantages of reading articles online

We will now start looking into what are the or can be disadvantages of reading articles online, it’s something very sure that if we have been talking too good then it’s advisory to look onto the reasons that makes the graph of it go down in the ways possible. So we have listed five disadvantages that is more countable and can be taken in account. Here are those disadvantages

1. The Most Countable One

The Most Countable One

If we don’t start with the most efficient disadvantage then it won’t be a fair game, and that’s if you keep reading online then won’t this make your eyes suffer a lot and at last will affect your eye sight as well. You can’t always keep looking into the screen even you are the greatest fan of any article writer. We all know that our eyes are being harmed while you look into your screen so surely these will a disadvantage if you read online and an online reader. So you can’t really keep hurting your eyes by reading online and this is what makes reading online go down and the reason why people don’t really prefer it.

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2. Distractions


Online tempting advertisement is what attracts more audience and the article that has got a large read follower then that’s a great business for companies to load that site with best of advertisements around and with this comes a great matter of distraction. We can easily get distracted and make us off track of what we are doing. After a time interval we come across the point that we are not reading and watching what we came here for.

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3. Not Everything Is True

Not Everything Is True

Fake news and fake details are the most concerning part of reading articles online, although there are a lot of ways to prevent it but social media also play a great role in tempting us to incline towards the trend. This is the great reason we also start to read something that’s not authentic and hence we waste a lot of our time at last. We must know we can always have our articles updated over internet to what we want to write and hence there are many bad influencers around. We once in a while always get carried away by false details around and never know what’s exactly authentic; because we all know whatever is written in a good manner can’t stop good readers reaching it.

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4. You Can Always Get Influenced

You Can Always Get Influenced

We all know what you read on internet is not always good, there are always some or the other sites that’s a great key to bad influencers, and even they have a great following that makes us think if that has got some good amount of people who follow then there might be some or the other reason and due to which many get caught and easily influenced with something that’s negative. So be aware of what you are reading online. If there’s something good then it’s ought to get some negative that we must know and being influenced is of the most important point which do usually don’t think about.

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5. Originality


We always tend to come across articles that’s rewritten and usually we don’t always get in touch with the original one and whoever write that thought again in their words is contained with that thought of the writer as well so it loses its originality and hence on a long run we are all reading some or the other things that’s manipulated (not always in a negative manner) and loses its original taste.

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We have tried to list the disadvantage in the best possible manner and you also would be thinking that some points aren’t mentioned so if this is in your head then surely you already have that in your mind.

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