Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Technology in Education

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Technology In Education

In this article we are going to talk about the Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Technology In Education. 21st century is ruled by the reign of technology. As years passed development of technology is uncontrollable. Technologies available in 21st century advanced a lot compared to 20th century technologies. Technology has a big influence in all areas , especially in the field of education. As technology grows it widens its influence on all over the world.

Technology plays important role in many fields, especially in the field of education. In modern times education is an important thing and technology too has very much influence on it. Use of technology in education has many advantages and disadvantages, which cause both benefits and harmful to students. Technology helps students to learn in various ways. Students of 21st century are lucky to have such an advanced forms of technology which helps them in education. But they must be care about the problems revolve around it. Let us see some of the pros and cons of using technology in education.

Advantages Of Using Technology In Education

Since, we live in modern world, technology benefits us in many ways. Using technology in education benefits us in many ways. Some benefits of using technology in education are:

1. Allows to access from numerous resources

Allows to access from numerous resources

By using technology we can access any information through various resources. Technology easily helps us to retrieve information quickly, we just need only a resource to access it. There is no need of going through large piles of books to get information. There is available of various resources like e-book, online learning apps etc, which we can use for education purpose. If we compare nowadays with the olden times as at that time for collecting any information we had to go to public library etc. But nowadays all we need is a mobile from where information is received to fingertips.

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2. Provides an opportunity to learn in various ways

Provides an opportunity to learn in various ways

Technology provides students to learn things in different ways. Each student can learn things using a technology based on their skills and interests. By using technology students can access their studying material from various apps or websites according to their interests. Using technology, we can learn in different ways such as visualization of study material, audio and text etc. As according to studies, it’s been said that more than audio, visual things get registered into brain fast. So using technology would be a great idea as nowadays they make study more interesting than classrooms. Even in this situation of COVID 19, even the educational institutions are using the technology for online classes so that the children won’t be affected. Even many platforms in this media provide free education, so it’s good to grab it.

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3. Helps to access new information

Helps to access new information

As technology influence education well, it enriches students with new information. Students can retrieve not only information based on their syllabus, they can access as much as information using technology. They can learn new things and get to know about anything using technologies. This helps students to widen their knowledge. As only studying what’s in the syllabus can’t make Jack a smart kid so a kid should think out of the box for that all that child need is exposure to new things that’s new knowledge for that the best facility around is using technology wisely as can, not only be best but also cheap.

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4. Technology helps to learn new skills

Technology helps to learn new skills

Using technology we can learn many skills such as Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint etc. Technology provides many opportunities to learn such skills. These skills help students to use in their future which may become very much help in their career. Most of the children wants to learn something new and different as all have their own wish list but many aren’t able to achieve it some due to financial issues and others due to parental pressure, so now they can use these platforms in the best way to achieve them. Even the elders want to learn so many things but they feel embarrassing to ask someone to teach them or to go to a particular place where it is been taught even they can access it through technology.

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5. Helps to get up to date news

Helps to get up to date news

Through technology we will get up to date news at our fingertip. Since technology has influence media too, we will be able to get news without any delay. As a student, each and everyone should know about things happening around us and world, this keep students educated about the current situation of the world. Students can use various technology to get latest news. In olden days we had to wait for newspaper to get updated but now all information around the world is in our fingertips. Many of us are so busy that, they don’t even have the time to have breakfast in the morning, so using this media can help themselves to be updated .

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Disadvantages Of Using Technology In Education

Influence of technology provide techniques fits for students, but it also has a dark influence on education as well as students which effect students badly. Some disadvantages of using technology in education are:

1. It cause distraction for students

It cause distraction for students

Each media has it’s own pros and cons. Technology influence students not only in good ways, it makes them to use technology for online experience other than learning use, which badly effects. Increase use of technology may cause addiction which make them distracting from education. They may use technology frequently which lead them to addiction. Students use technology for gaming, watching videos which make them distraction from their education. As overuse can lead to addiction and even as this media isn’t filtered so can lead them to negative aspects which can effect them badly.

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2. Reduce connection with real world

Reduce connection with real world

The addiction of technology in students makes them forget about real world. They may become deeply rooted into virtual world which may turn into a serious problem. As the use of technology increases students forgets about real world and communicate with others including their family rarely. Increase use of technology reduce face-to-face conversations. As they would start to like to be alone as for them been alone at a place with their mobile would be the best thing. As they would get irritated easily. They would like to spend lone time more. Many of us are so indulged in this media that the real circle around is lessen as the virtual medium circle has increased. Many even don’t have a good bond with their neighbor’s, few years back it wasn’t the scenario.

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3. Reduce the thinking capacity

Reduce the thinking capacity

As technology provides numerous of information, students may become deeply dependent on technology which reduces thinking capacity or imagination capacity. Imagination or thinking can only acquire through practice, since students depends on technology for their works and learning, gradually they forget to think. There will be no element of aestheticism as they complete their work by completely depending on technologies. As nowadays most of us have a doubt what we do is just google it. We have now programmed ourselves in such a way that whatever is the matter just search it on any search engine and find it out.

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4. Get wrong information

Get wrong information

All information that available in internet may not be from reliable sources. There is numerous information that is from unreliable sources which may lead students in wrong path. Since technology influence world a lot, there is many cyber crimes related to it. There is high chance of publishing wrong information and students may learn it. Students should check whether the information is from a reliable resource. As there is abundant amount of information higher is the chance of unreliable information as these are unfiltered so have to cross check before using it.

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5. Cause many health issues

Cause many health issues

Addiction of technology is more danger than other addictions such as alcohol, drugs etc. Addiction of technology is a serious problem which may lead to many severe health issues such as eye strain, sleep problems, mental and emotional problems etc. Increase use of technology reduce sleep and cause many difficulty for body. As students use technology lot, they may face problem for their eye sight too. There is also chance of emotional changes in students who use technology a lot. Even the radiation of these technology providing gadgets is so harmful that after sometime many health issues can be there.

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Technology provides benefits as well as cause problems. The use of technology in education provides a lot of benefits but the increase use of it may cause serious problems such as given above. It not only cause benefits or harmful for students, the teacher may also be effected by the use of technology.  Students should use technology in efficient way. Addiction of technology lead to severe problems which might be not reversible. It is such a good thing that parents guide students as they use technology. Parents should limit the use of technologies by students if they are excessively using it. Usage of technology benefits us lot but using it effectively cost us profits.

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