Benefits Of Doing Part Time Job While Studying

Benefits Of Doing Part Time Job While Studying

In this article we are going to talk about the Benefits of doing part time job while studying. Gone are the days when students were just to become a book bug. We are human beings, and constantly evolving. Evolving into a better being, a more productive being. Productive ? Are we really ?

Majority of our population ages between 18 to 35 years. That means half of this population is currently perusing some course. Be it schooling, undergraduate or post graduate. But hey, all these people, are we dedicating all our time to academics? Of course not! We are in a generation where opportunities are available all around, given that we have a sharp eye to pick that up.

10 Benefits of doing part time job while studying

How about taking up a part time job apart from the classes and course? Irrespective of the academic background, mark sheets and grades, various part time job, also called internship programmes, are available for everyone in almost all the field. You just need to dedicate few hours for this and the outcome is worthy. Here is 10 benefits of ‘Taking up a part time job while studying’.

1. Exposure


While your world was just limited to the study table in the corner of your room with few books on side, letting yourself take up even a small job during student life will give you an exposure to what it feels after placement from a university. You will not be forced to work. Another great thing is that you work according to your interest, your convenience and your mood. You have no pressure of getting fired. You can involve yourself anytime and till any tenure.

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2. Increased efficiency

Increased efficiency

Do you remember the last time you felt yourself to be productive at level 10? It must have been a busy day, right ? Yes, keeping yourself busy can increase your efficiency manifolds.

More efficient studies: Even if you spend 2-3 hours on an internship program, your 8-10 hours of studying can be fruitful than before. More the brain works, more is it’s speed.

Improved creative skills: No matter what academic course you are into, if something creative fascinates you, you got an edge over the nerds. Yes, take up a creative part time job. It will enhance your skills effortlessly.

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3. Financial aspects

Financial aspects

A part time job may not earn you a livelihood and ensure your independency on financial basis. But the good news is, you will understand the significance of earning every single penny. A single credit can boost up your self esteem and you will feel confident about yourself. This adds a benefit for economically weaker students, who at early age want to support their parents, even with a small sum. This not only makes the student satisfied but also the parents get to see the dedication of their children. Involving yourself in part time and getting the work done on time makes you more responsible.

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4. Ready to have your own stand

Ready to have your own stand

Your decision of getting into a part time job during the 1st year of undergraduate course or high school will make you more firm at the time of taking up a professional and stable job.

You will find yourself more confident about the terms like application, resume and stipend.

You won’t be over whelmed with your first stipend of settled job. Since you already experienced this happiness. You will be a step ahead of your batchmates. Scrolling up Instagram pages, like your fellow friends do, isn’t going to give something so wrothy as a small piece of work.

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5. Experience


Experience matters right ? A 30 days internship can gain you experienced which will be priceless. How to be formal, how to write formally, what all can you do with your skills. You get to experience a lot more. The pressure of doing academics along with job, is something that will make you more stronger and stoned with your visions and aim.

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6. Motivating someone out there

Motivating someone out there

You never know, a small help as customer service agent to a villager can resolve his problem. Your blog page might motivate a depressed student. Your less-heared opinion might make someone happy. You don’t know, in what way are you going to help someone unintentionally and the satisfaction you get is priceless.

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7. Skills will get brushed up

Skills will get brushed up

Let’s understand this with an example. Suppose you are a student of commerce field. You can make anyone understand about a policy more precisely and satisfactorily. You can work under the assistance of a chartered accountant, even if it is unpaid, it will directly benefit your academics. Your art work might please someone to an unexpected extent. The spectrum of skills is vast and so is your brain. Giving sometime to expand that will only give positive outcomes.

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8. Coping with loneliness

Coping with loneliness

The more you stay busy, the lesser you overthink and henceforth lesser anxiety. Loneliness is a something that everyone experience at some point. Family issues, peer pressure, rejections never cease to upset us. The time you spend thinking, daydreaming can be utilized significantly. Think about your interests, your abilities and get recognized on a mass platform. Isn’t it a good deal ?

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9. Less time to waste

Less time to waste

So, now the time you spare on Facebook, checking stories, web series will be given to this part time job by you. Time gets wasted when you have ample of time. The time you spend now, will offer you immense help in future. Apart from studies, this minor work pressure won’t let you waste your time mercilessly.

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10. Self motivation

Self motivation

What can be better than gaining confidence on yourself by just sitting at home and giving few hours. When your work is appreciated, you feel rejuvenated. When you are awarded for your work, you get motivation to take it to the next level. The time, you give for small work can be proved more beneficial for yourself than the company concerned. Isn’t it a great idea to take up a part time job ?

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