What should I do when I am feeling frustrated?

What should I do when I am feeling frustrated?

What should I do when I am feeling frustrated? : The answer of this question is discussed here. In this article we are going to tell you about top 10 things to do when you are feeling frustrated in life. Frustration or anger don’t always have a negative meaning but the reason behind it. You can utilize this anger and make it beneficial for yourself and do something free yourself. Make sure you don’t have yourself in frustration and do something that benefits you like exercising, running, or anything that you had been planning to do but couldn’t due to your busy schedule or your wish of delaying it.

You should always know how to control your anger and not let that turn into frustration. It is also observed that people have more will to do something especially when they are angry and frustrated make sure to utilize it for your benefit.

What should I do when I am feeling frustrated?

Here is a list of some of the things you could do to relax and get rid of your frustration.

1. Let it happen

Let it happen

Whenever you’re frustrated do not try to control your anger or even stop it. Whatever is happening just let it happen.

Don’t repress your anger as it is unhealthy, learn to express it. If you don’t express it, it would accumulate inside your brain and you won’t be able to focus on anything else rather you just think about whatever made you angry again and again hurting yourself.

Humans have a lot of emotions that are important to be expressed as when you keep them inside yourself especially anger sadness etc they tend to increase day by day as it’s the seed you have planted which will continue to grow until you Express it.

When you let out your anger and sadness you feel free within yourself and from those feelings that kept hurting you and your health as well.

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2. Think and act

Think and act

When you are frustrated you might not think about anyone or anything around you because of the feeling that you would feel of being angry disappointed irritated etc. That could make you shower your anger upon someone or something really important to you and you might end up hurting them. So you need to think and then act knowing where to express your anger is just equally important as expressing it.

Just think twice before acting upon someone whenever you are frustrated because you are human and they are as well. You might end up hurting some innocent people you care about whenever you are frustrated and when you think about it you might realize that hurting them was not worth it. Letting your anger out onto someone can also damage your relations or bond with them.

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3. Don’t store up

Don't store up

Don’t store up your anger or frustration. People have busy schedules and long hours of work, everyone has different ways to spend their long days. Similarly everyone has different problems in their lives different situations that make them angry or make it difficult for them to deal with it. You should always deal with your problem on anything that makes you angry at the same time as it arises and not wait for that perfect timing. Don’t let small problems stress you out to frustration.

Just deal with them accordingly. Don’t make a pile of problems and wait for the ‘Perfect’ time to deal with them all at once it will only make you more frustrated and angry as a result of which you will also be less productive and it will cause mental damage to you. Deal with the problems when they come and do not collect them to be sorted out in the future. In today’s world, everyone has a busy nice and a lot of problems to deal with people ignore their problems and avoid them and by them up to be sorted in the near future which apparently never comes and makes you even more frustrated and angry. The more the problems will be stored the longer it will disturb you and you will also lose your patience all at once.

Problems already frustrate you a lot even when they come and storing them can make the situations words and your life complicated. Don’t avoid your problems save them immediately which is a better solution than piling them up and later suffering to the pain of frustration while dealing with them all at once. The higher the level of your frustration will be there are more chances of causing self-damage or damage to others by hurting yourself or them or their feelings in order to get rid of your frustration.

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4. Exercise


When you are frustrated you tend to have a lot of anger that you should get out of yourself in a non-harmful way. You can vent your anger through different ways but one of the best way to let it out is by exercising and working out because when you are angry you tend to have a lot of energy that might be negative that you need to let go of yourself and exercising is one of the best ways to utilize that energy, whether it’s negative or positive exercising, makes you feel better. It will make your lifestyle healthier and also you let out all the negative energies.

As different people prefer different exercises while there frustrated, some can either choose aggressive exercises such as: boxing, kicking, etc. Whereas you can also meditate which is concentrate on your breathing pattern to let out the negative thoughts that it would also help to reduce your frustration.

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5. Distract yourselves

Distract yourselves

Frustration keeps on dwelling in your minds and does not let you think about anything else but there are some things you could do to distract yourself and stop thinking from the things disturbing you.

Distracting yourself from frustration is a better way to give yourself some time and think about it later on knowing what would be the pros and cons if you would react to it. While you are frustrated you do not think about the reactions to your action and just act in a hurry which can later mess up your relations or work.

Distracting yourself by doing something that you like or things that need to be done is the best way to stop thinking about what made you angry. You can distract yourself by either exercising, reading a book, painting, or doing something creative or anything you like that help you stop thinking.

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6. Take Responsibility

Take Responsibility

Always take responsibility for your actions never consider yourself as a victim because you’re frustrated cause someone might have done or said something as a result of your deed or maybe not but playing victim should never be an option.

You cannot end up blaming the whole world for whatever happens to you because it’s not true. Yes bad things happen or someone might have done bad to you but in that case they are the reason and not the whole world.

Also you have to understand that everything that happens, happens for a reason. You might not understand that at the moment but sooner or later you will come to that conclusion yourself.

When you take responsibility for your actions you understand that where the things could have gone wrong or how you can react to the situation to not complicate it any more.

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7. Talk to someone

Talk to someone

When you talk to someone, sometimes you can get the answer you were searching for a long time or maybe they could just be there for you.

When your frustrated you should discuss it with someone you trust. They might be your family members,  close friends or an acquaintance. When you talk to someone about how you feel you can answer to yourself about why are you feeling so or maybe they could help you to get past it.

They might not have the answers for you but when you discuss your problems with someone, sometimes you come to the conclusion that maybe hurting yourself is not worth the problem. When you have someone just listen to you you get the feeling that someone cares for you and you don’t have to feel alone, angry, disappointed, sad, or anything that hurts you.

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8. Avoid your triggers

Avoid your triggers

You should always be aware of who your triggers are. Triggers are the people that especially frustrate you even when there are around because of the things they say or do.

When you are aware of who you are triggers are you so you can avoid them. It does not matter how the trigger your frustration but All That Matters is that they do. When you are aware of your triggers are you especially make sure not to get frustrated around them or being minimal around them. This might make them aware that you are not comfortable around them and they might change their behavior but you won’t be hurting yourself or anybody.

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9. Focus on what you want

Focus on what you want

A person usually gets frustrated when they are disappointed or angry at someone or you are sad and you don’t want to feel so.

So whenever you are frustrated try to overcome that feeling by focusing on the work that you need to be done rather than focusing your mind onto your feelings, it would distract you to something that needs to be done and give you a meaningful outcome. You just have to make clear of what are your priorities regarding the work and work on it. Even when you are frustrated by someone let it be and you start building your focus onto something they messed up and correct it yourself. This way it would make you calm as well as you will be satisfied with your work.

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10. Listen to music

Listen to music

When you are frustrated music works as a therapy for you. It helps you clear your mind, drain Your thoughts and gain a new perspective. Different kinds of music have a different impact on you. For example; when you are angry and you want to express your anger, aggressive songs can help you understand your pain and make you feel that you not the only one going through it which makes you feel better. Listening to soft and calming music makes you feel relaxed and you might even and up sleeping and wake up with fresh thoughts and a positive vibe.

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Music can also healer as it might change your mood why you are angry and make you feel happy year or blessed for everything you have. Music not only relaxes you from frustration but helps you deal with many other problems. It might not be the solution but it can make you feel better and lessen your anger. The music also works as a method to escape reality and avoid your feelings for a certain period also you can utilize this time by thinking something relevant and searching for the solution at the same time. It allows you to ignore the people around you who could have made you even more angry or frustrated.

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