10 Best Study Tips For Students

10 Best Study Tips For Students

In this article we are going to talk about the 10 Best Study Tips For Students. This article is pivot on the study tips for students. Every student is different from others and also their studying method is also different and they need different mode like some believe that they can learn better on online platform, some believe that they can learn better if they use the tutor method. Nowadays learning is becoming more interactive and exploring.

Students think that they can learn by observation or by self-study and it is true but only when we prepare our curriculum properly and maintained that accordingly.

Students should divide their time to all the subjects and once they analyze that which subject take more time to study so drop that topic and subject for sometimes and complete those subject quickly in which they are good at. After doing this they will get sufficient time for working on their weak points and they will feel that more than 50% syllabus is covered.

10 Best study tips for students

Don’t overburden yourself. Planning is the key of success so plan your syllabus of each subject and then work on that. In fact according to research sports and games are also plays a vital role in studies but how? Because games make our brain active which reduce the stress from our body and indirectly affect our studies. Stress makes our body dull and diverts our mind from the work.

Learning is important but identifies your interest of learning until you are not getting anything everything will be waste. No need to study 8-10 hours in a day. Study 2 hours but understand that topic properly it will give you way better results. So for better studies and better understanding focused your brain towards the right direction. Prepare a study plan like which subject first and how much time did it take and how much time you are able to give. After that, follows the tips which are given below for studies.

1. Identify your weak and strength area

This generally help the students because if you are not clear about that in which you are good or bad then you will not be able to move on a right path. So first identify that what is your weak areas and strong areas. Like some students are good in mathematics, some students love science. So it is very necessary to identify our core points. Some of us may found numerical is boring to attempt but these are the most scoring term to achieve.

Work more or more on weak areas like if some students face difficulties in English then try to devote your 20-30 min extra on basics. Same is with others subject also. Strong your basics part first, tries to modify the sentence in your own way.

This method help a lot because when we learn how to frame the sentences correctly then no matter what was written on the books if we have the basic knowledge about the topic then we will somehow write that. It mean that just don’t learn anything understand it properly.

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2. Find a systematic and convenient place

Find a systematic and convenient place

The next step is to recognize a place where we can study calmly because a place matter a lot in study anything. At home fix a particular place where we can study without any disturbance. It could be any place like at your home, outside the home, park any place which gives you a sense that you can learn in this environment.

Then organize that place according to your need like books, pen and other thing which you will need during the study. So that you will not to get disturb. Nowadays CCD is very famous for studying because it is one of those calm places where one can easily silence and other than that you can coffee which help to reduce sleepiness in the body and make you awake.

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3. Don’t make time table if you are unable to manage that

Don’t make time table if you are unable to manage that

Yes I am right. Until and unless you don’t follow that so there is no need to prepare a time table. It is very important for a student to be dedicated toward their studies. Other than this time table method you should do one thing that whenever you get free time just sit and study if you get one hour free time in 24 hours so it is sufficient and a student can easily manage 3 to 4 hour of study if they are dedicated.

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4. Don’t be a night owl

Don’t be a night owl

If you think that in night you can study much better because everyone will be sleeping so you are wrong. In night everyone will slept but your mind will not gain that much. Just imagine if you have your school from 9 am to 2 pm then you come back and follow your daily routine and by the end of the day you will be so much tired and will not give your 100 percent.

So it is important to study at that time when your mind can gain more. Select the early morning time, at that time also everyone will sleeping and you will get more because your mind will feel fresh, calm and also the environment will suit best at that time. “Don’t be a night owl, be an early bird”

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5. Put your phone and distracting element away

Put your phone and distracting element away

If you are not learning anything from YouTube or join any online classes then it’s better to avoid your mobile phone. When you have any distracting element nearby you then it is hard to study like television, mobile phone and speaker anything which disturbs you. For study most important thing is the environment so it should be calm if it is not appropriate then a student will get 20 percent of the topic only.

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6. Don’t try to learn too much altogether

Don’t try to learn too much altogether

For the better understanding of the topic you don’t need to study continue like some students are not able to understand the topic and got fail in the exam because they try to learn everything in 10 hours continuous study which is not appropriate. If you want to learn something then you need to take breaks. For example if you solving any mathematics questions then after solving 15-20 question you need to take rest if the questions are not lengthy because after solving so much questions you will feel dizzy and will not study further. So for gaining more it is okay to have 20-25 minutes breaks after certain point of study.

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7. Stay positive and focus

Stay positive and focus

Being a student you generally feel low energetic and think to switch to some shortcut but it is very important to understand that every study will help you throughout your life. You should without hesitating need to remind yourself that you can do it. There is no problem, no numerical which you cannot solve. Positive mind give positive results. The more you learn the more you get and then more you will be optimistic.

Confidence helps a lot in gaining knowledge. Focus your path. Spend your some part of time in net surfing, sports and games. Whole day study is not necessary for better grades. Shift your focus from grades to learning. Because if you learn properly then your grade will go up no matter how much time you invest on other things if you can gain much in just 2 hours then study 2 hour only

But most important is sleeping because sleep will help your mind to work efficiently and focused.

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8. Prepare short or handwritten notes

Prepare short or handwritten notes

Summary or hand written notes should be prepare because it will help you when you have your exam next day and you can’t revise everything so it is good if you jot down important points like mathematics formulas, equations, definitions etc. and if you manage that at one place it become very easy to revise that. Summary will help you in last minutes studies.

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9. Analyze the syllabus

Analyze the syllabus

Syllabus is the one which guide you to the right path and for good study it is essential to go through on the syllabus properly. It will provide a clear cut picture of your growth that where you lie and how much more you need to study. Identify the focus area points and important topics from the syllabus and pay attention to them more accurately.

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10. Take weekly or monthly test

Take weekly or monthly test

This is very important point to be done by the students because this will help a student to analyze their current situation and position. After learning a week or month it is important to understand that how much you gain in that period of time and through exam or test you can get to know this. Suppose you are learning throughout the week but are confused that is the study fruitful or not so in that case if you take test of what you have learn in that week will give a clear information and you will be able to analyze that the study plan is working or not and do you need to make changes.  

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